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In the dense forests of the Slav has long lived sorcerer Stavr
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14 June 2015

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In the dense forests of the Slav has long lived sorcerer Stavr. Great power bestowed bright gods of the wise magician, he opened his will alone. In the ancient forest temple towering wooden Chury strict faces Perun, Veles and Yaril. Not once asked Stavr, bringing the gods with gifts to send him to whom he could pass his wisdom and strength to teach the same to hold fast two-handed sword. The gods heard the sorcerer. One day, walking along the forest trail, found Stavr tightly woven into the roots of oak crying child. Giving thanks to the gods for the gift of light, called the Stavr child Anna. Seventeen springs have passed since then. Magus has brought Anna to the love of their native gods bestowed the power of the sword and chopped by teaching staff and not worse than warriors. At that time in the woods was going wrong. Proznal Stavr that came to these parts Svebezh powerful sorcerer, bringing with him a fierce tribe of alien calling itself the crows. Svebezh desired to overthrow the gods, and destroy the wise men to subjugate the human tribes. Tribe ravens are ruined temples and betrayed the cruel death of the Magi, burned villages and crops, to intimidate people and deprive them of hope to the aid of the gods. No shoulder Stavr former strength to take up the sword and stand up for the gods and the human race. But living in the heart of the sorcerer's daughter betrothed covenants gods slumber in it for the time of their ancient power, until it is in the hands of its glorious sword, and did not come out against Anna alien enemies.

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